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Harshal Kumar Chiplunkar

Managing Director

Corporate Office:

Sau Shivashini Milind Karale,
1st Floor, Rajkamal Comm,
complex, Dhantoli

Mobile:  +91 8668692340

Registration Details:

UAM No.:  MH20D0046382
PAN Number:  AAKCP2081P
Aadhaar No.:  270208150862
GSTIN:  Not Applicable

Business Profile:

Prabodhini Media & Enterprise Limited was incorporated in November 2018 as a public limited company. The company is into producing, acquiring, broadcasting and distribution of television and radio programs for entertainment related information worldwide through the Company’s own or hired channels by satellite link up, terrestrial networks, radio programmes and by any other means of broadcasting subject. The Company also owns franchises all over the world with the brand name "PoliceDiary.News". The directors of the company are Mr. Kumar Madhusudan Chiplunkar (who has 7 years of relevant experience), Ms.Harshal Kumar Chiplunkar and Ms.Priyanka Vijay Borkar ( both of them have 2 years of relevant experience). The company's registered office is located at Rajkamal Comm complex, Dhantoli Nagpur, Nagpur, Maharashtra. The major clientele of the company includes Alto International, Nagpur; Bahujan Chamber of Commerce and Industries, Mumbai and Jaika Motors, Nagpur.

Fact Sheet:

Date of Incorporation 20-11-2018
Business Type Public Limited
Industry Media and Entertainment
Nature of Business Services
Products / Services Broadcasting and Distribution of Television and Radio programs for entertainment, business of communications Media and Social Media, News, Web Based Channels and live TV channels.
Number of Employees 20
Bankers State Bank of India, Jatpura Gate, Ramnagar, Maharashtra
Key Clients Alto International, Nagpur; Bahujan Chamber Of Commerce And Industries, Mumbai; Jaika Motors, Nagpur
Certification ISO 9001:2015 (valid up to November 2021)

Management Profile:

Sl. No.Promoters NameQualificationDesignationResponsibilitiesRelevant Experience (Yrs)
1. Harshal Kumar ChiplunkarMaster in LawManaging DirectorLegal work 2
2. Kumar Madhusudan ChiplunkarDiploma in Radio Engineering DirectorOverall management 7
3. Priyanka Vijay BorkarBE Computer Science DirectorIT, Software and Administration2

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